KIK Balance meal plan is our suggestion for people who take care of their health and want to maintain proper nutrition. It is the most versatile and diverse diet which includes products from all food groups. By choosing this diet you will be having eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Every day you will receive meals based on products of both animal and plant origin.

 KIK Power meal plan has been prepared for people who workout a lot and need a substantial supply of proteins. The diet is based on animal products such as: beef, fish, poultry, eggs and quark. You will also get a healthy dose of plant-based protein in legumes, nuts and grains.

 KIK Vege meal plan is mainly plant based with addition of eggs and dairy. We use leguminous vegetables which are initially soaked and cooked in order to decrease the level of phytates and increase the digestibility of zinc and iron. The Vege Diet is characterised by being low in saturated fat and cholesterol but high both in fibers as well as in mineral and bioactive ingredients.

 KIK Vegan meal plan is entirely plant based which gives it an enormous antioxidant potential. Proper amount of protein is sustained by grain products, legumes and nuts. Low in saturated fats and cholesterol, but high both in fibres as well as mineral and bioactive ingredients.

Remember about the need of vitamin B12 supplementation, and in wintertime, the D vitamin as well!

 KIK KETO is a ketogenic meal plan which is characterized by a very high fat content and low carbohydrate content as well as slightly increased protein levels. Distribution of macronutrients is assumed at 20-25% for protein, 70-80% fat, 5-10% carbohydrates. The Keto meal plan aims to put the body into ketosis * state, in which it acquires energy from ketone bodies. Controversial and rigorous, the Keto diet is not only a way to quickly reduce fat in the body **, but also an element of the lifestyle of the growing population, which ascribes it, among others, to improving cognitive processes. The keto diet is also used therapeutically, among others, as a therapeutic support in epilepsy as well as in other neurological diseases and some types of cancer *. Each person has different thresholds to reach ketosis, so we suggest using a glucometer to measure the amount of ketones. ** We suggest consulting a doctor before and during this diet plan.

KIK LOW IG meal plan has been prepared for people who are struggling with insulin resistance and who must take care of their carbohydrate management in a special way. This meal plan is based on products with low and medium glycemic index, while paying attention to the glycemic load of the meal. We are perfectly aware that it is not enough to choose the right carbohydrates only, that’s why in the LOW IG we put emphasis on the appropriate thermal processing of dishes, as well as the correct composition of meals in which you will also find protein, fats and dietary fiber.


The Office Diet was prepared especially for those who spend hours at work.
The meals are balanced in a way which will provide you with a stable dose of energy throughout the entire time when you need to be focused on your tasks. You can choose from 3 types of the Office Diet: Balance, Vege and Vegan.